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An installation stretching throughout three adjacent spaces at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. In the escalator on the third floor, The Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Van Beethoven is played - as muzak - through a lo-fi sound system.

Coming up the escalator, you realize that the music originates from a grand piano on the third floor. Fourteen pianists play the first movement of The Moonlight Sonata, continuously in shifts, for the duration of eight days.

[click on the image to watch a documentation video]

moonstruck (2008)

Commissioned by Rikskonserter for The Stockholm New Music Festival 16-23 Feb 2008. Computer programming realized at EMS studios in Stockholm. The pianists were piano students and teachers from Södra Latins Gymnasium in Stockholm

As you enter the last room you move from an exterior into an interior space. A huge screen shows a video of the Hollywood actor Gary Oldman portraying Beethoven. Instead of the original movie soundtrack you hear a real-time computer-processed version of the grand piano outside. The Moonlight Sonata, the way it resonates inside of the fictional composer Ludwig Van Beethoven.