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a lecture on schizophonia >
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the empire never ended >
variations on a theme by Casey & Finch >
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I hereby command you to give voice to these letters...>
we are protected >
dark was the night >
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god moves on the water >
variations over a poem by allen ginsberg >
let them sing it for you >
låt dem sjunga det åt dig >
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variations on a theme by lou reed >
instruction trio>

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låt dem sjunga det åt dig (2004)

Låt dem sjunga det åt dig is the swedish version of Let them sing it for you, realised in collaboration with SRc and the top 40 station Svensktoppen of the Swedish national Radio.

For unknown reasons the Swedish National Radio decided not to host the project anymore in late 2011. Hopefully it will be up soon again.