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the girl who never was >
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the empire never ended >
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I hereby command you to give voice to these letters...>
we are protected >
dark was the night >
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god moves on the water >
variations over a poem by allen ginsberg >
let them sing it for you >
låt dem sjunga det åt dig >
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variations on a theme by lou reed >
instruction trio>

Three turntables all play the same wordless gospel tune, recorded by Blind Willie Johnson in 1927. Lights attached to the each turntable vary in strength with the speed of the records. Both the speed and the glow of light is controlled separately for each turntable by a computer. The room falls in and out of darkness as the hymn goes from slow mutter to normal speed, creating a sensation of standing in the midst of a ghostly choir that is continuously falling asleep and waking up again.

The work was originally created for the site specific exhibition Treasures which took place in the cellar of the Königstadt Brewery in central Berlin.


dark was the night cold was the ground (2006)

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